Empowering Solutions

CH Four Biogas is an engineering and design firm specialized in biogas systems. Our innovative green solutions transform organic waste into renewable energy, while helping businesses and communities achieve their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. Our services range from digester tank design to full biogas plant engineering and integration with the feedstock supply chain, such as dairy farm manure management, municipal solid waste facilities, or waste water treatment plants. 

Our Services

CH Four Biogas has extensive experience in a wide range of professional engineering services related to AD biogas systems.

Biogas System Design

Our team of engineering experts specializes in delivering innovative and cost-effective biogas designs encompassing every aspect of your plant, from digester tanks to full plant designs. Whether you're looking to expand an existing facility or starting from scratch, entrust our seasoned professionals to transform your biogas aspirations into a tangible reality.

Feedstock Evaluation & System Modelling

Our team of highly skilled consultants will collaborate closely with you to accurately assess the biogas potential of your available feedstock resources. Leveraging cutting-edge software and advance simulation techniques, we offer comprehensive evaluations to provide you with detailed insights to ensure the success of your project.

Feasibility Study and Analysis

Our specialists will work with you to help you determine if your project will provide the ROI you are looking for based on key factors such as feedstock availability, governmental regulations, economic incentive programs, and market analysis. 

Permitting & Regulations

Our seasoned experts adeptly navigate permitting and regulations, providing comprehensive support throughout the process. With in-depth knowledge of local, regional, and national requirements, we streamline permit applications and ensure compliance. Trust us to minimize delays and mitigate risks, freeing you to focus on realizing your vision while maintaining full peace of mind.

Construction Management

We work closely with contractors during plant construction, providing comprehensive support. Our team promptly responds to RFIs, reviews equipment submittals, conducts site inspections, and ensures smooth plant commissioning. Trust our expertise for efficient construction management, from start to finish.

Operational Support & Digester Rescue

We provide tailored support plans to ensure the optimal operation of your new plant, enabling it to reach its full potential. Our customizable and flexible support agreements are designed to meet the specific operational requirements of your digester. Additionally, our skilled experts are proficient in assessing and providing effective solutions to rescue underperforming existing digesters. With our expertise, we can revitalize and maximize the performance of your digester, enhancing its efficiency and productivity.

Business Model

  • Owner Build
  • General Contractor Build
  • Design Build
  • Design, Build, Own, and Operated

We are experienced with and offer various project implementation models to suit your needs.